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News | 100th Anniversary Open House

​Our 100th Anniversary Open House at Alumnae Theatre

September 16, 2018. With the help of a grant from the Government of Canada, Alumnae invited our neighbours to join us for a very successful afternoon of theatre and fun. An estimated nearly 250 guests trooped all over and around the theatre, from the basement to the studio to the parking lot, to see performances and learn about theatre, as well as enjoying free tea and coffee in the “Lobby Cafe.” We were happy to see both old friends and visitors who might have otherwise never darkened our doors. As one neighbour on Adelaide Street said, “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!”.

Warner Clarke & Bill Mansfield
THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE · Ronak Singh, Mark Albert

It took some work – particularly on the part of the directors, who pulled together several casts to present seven great scenes from Alumnae’s production history. We also deeply appreciate the cooperation of the Importance of Being Earnest team, who tolerated the chaos and invited guests to sneak into their final rehearsals, and Fireworks, which had already started auditions.

Important progress also happened behind the scenes. In order to invite as many neighbours as possible, we acquired contact information for the majority of the retail businesses, restaurants, churches, real estate offices and property managers. Let’s hope it’s only the start of what we hope will be greater engagement with our neighbours.

THE BUSH-LADIES, Pamela Barker
THE BUSH-, Molly Thom
ESCAPE FROM , Steven Vlahos
E Steven Vlahos
THE ACTOR'S gh, Emma Mansell
LE TEMMona Zaid
THE WOMEN Lisa Kovack

Alumnae Theatre 100 Year Open House

Co-producers: Brenda Darling, Diane Forrest, Pat McCarthy

September 16, 2018
A few selections from 100 years of performances...

The Bush-Ladies

by Molly Thom
Director & Narrator: Molly Thom
CAST: Pamela Barker
Location – The Sidewalk

One of Alumnae’s own looks at the women pioneers who ventured into Upper Canada – in this scene, Susanna Moodie.


by A.R. Gurney
Director & Narrator: Jennifer McKinley
Sylvia: Maria Wodzinska
Greg: Bob Hillhouse
Kate: Kim Croscup
Location – The Sidewalk

An attractive, younger woman full of life and love – it’s exactly what a man having a mid-life crisis needs. There’s just one small problem….

Escape from Happiness

by George F. Walker
Director & Narrator: Lori Delorme
Nora: Alysa Golden
Gail: Karen Scobie
Junior: Steven Vlahos
Location – The Parking Lot

The great George F. Walker (an Alumnae favourite) takes a slice from the life of a troubled but resourceful east end family.

The Actor’s Nightmare

by Christopher Durang
Director & Narrator: Pat McCarthy
George Spelvin: Ronak Singh
Stage Manager: Mark Albert
Amanda: Aleksandra Maslennikova
Sybil: Emma Mansell
Nervous Technician: Diana Di Mauro
Location – The Studio

Ever had that dream? You know, the one where you’re surrounded by people you’ve never seen before, who expect you to do things you’ve never done before? This playwright had that dream.

Le Temps Sauvage

by Anne Hébert
translated by Pamela Grant and Gregory Reid
Director & Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Agnès: Mona Zaidi
Father Beaumont: Clara Matheson
Sébastien: Rebecca Becket Grace
François: Joan Harvey
Marie: Carina Cojeen
Location – The Workshop

​Agnes, the matriarch of a large family, has isolated them near a remote village in the mountains. For reasons yet unknown, she hopes to keep them free from the influences of society. But a visit from the new priest threatens her control.

Teach Me How to Cry

by Patricia Joudry
Director & Narrator: Susan Q Wilson
​Mrs. Grant: Carol McLennan
Melinda: Jada Rikfin
Location – The Props Room

In a 1950s town there are many secrets. But teenage Melinda wants to break out of her isolated relationship with her mother and become part of the “normal” world. One of the first big successes by a Canadian playwright…

The Women

by Claire Boothe Luce
Director & Narrator: Liz Best
Mary Haines: Fallon Beauman
Mrs. Morehead: Lisa Kovack
Café Maids: Bev Atkinson, Francine Dick, Sandra Schneider
Location – The Lobby Café

In this 1930s Broadway smash, Mary is the only happily married woman in her bitchy circle of friends – and they’re determined to change that. Her mother intends to save her with some sage counsel. But would any mother today give this advice? And would it work?

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde
Director & Narrator: Barbara Larose
​Produced by Ramona Baillie
Co-producers: Alison Smith, Isabel Meharry
CAST: Nicholas Koy, ​Sean Jacklin, Laura Meadows, Kathryn Geertsema, Tina Mcculloch, Tricia Brioux, Rob Candy, Lisa Lenihan, Barbara Salsberg
Location – Mainstage
This classic comedy was in it’s final rehearsals, just days before it opened our 2018-2019 season.

Site Performers:
Harried Archivists: Catherine Spence, Simone Goldberg
Musicians: Warner Clarke & Bill Mansfield, Bill & Warner of The Deloraines.
​And Thanks To:
Chris Humphries, James Kendal and Michael Spence, Margaret Spence, Bec Brownstone, Tina McCulloch, Stacy Halloran, Shelley Cahill, Elizabeth Verwey, Elizabeth Block, Francine Dick, Sandra Schneider, Bev Atkinson.
Our student volunteers: Angel Han, Andrey Chau, Serena Liu, Grace Njoroge, Syed Abdullah, Feng & Cynthia.

Photos by: Diane Forest

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