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2018/19 SEASON

New Ideas Festival 2019 - WEEK 1

March 6 – 10, 2019

Produced by Ilana Linden, Simone Goldberg and Meredith Heinrich

WEEK 1:   March 6 – 10, 2019

New Ideas Festival 2019

🌟Week 1 - Show times

March 6 –10, 2019 in the Studio

A program of four short plays:

· Body Parts
 · Bazookas
·  Outside Looking In: A Modern Fairytale for Young Adults and Other Bipeds
​· ​The Last Date
** Playwright/Director Talkbacks will be held following the Saturday Matinee performances.

Wed. March 6, 2019
8:00 pm​
Thurs. March 7, 2019
8:00 pm​
Fri. March 8, 2019
8:00 pm
Sat. March 9, 2019
2:30 pm & 8:00 pm
Sun. March 10, 2019

🌟Scenes from Week 1 of the Festival

Click on gallery image to enlarge Images by Nicholas Porteous


by Mairy Beam

Directed by Lucy Collingwood

Are you male or female? Is it necessary to choose? How does one decide? Who decides?  Be part of the discussion, but be prepared for shouting and fireworks as conventional norms are challenged.

Mairy Beam, Playwright
Mairy Beam is a member of Alumnae Theatre and Wet Ink Collective (Vancouver). Readings in 2018: The Next Mary at PinkFest by Ergo Theatre and Let Me In at the Bodacious Series. Out and About, co-written with three others, was performed in The 4 x 3 Festival, and in Gelato Fest in 2017. Other productions include: Or The Highway, A Matter of Safety and Back to Work (Theatre Out of the Box). Mairy is ever so grateful to have Body Parts included in the New Ideas Festival.

Lucy Collingwood, Director
Lucy Collingwood is a director, writer, and theatre artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. She completed her MFA in Theatre Direction at the University of Alberta. A few notable credits include: Tape, and Shakespeare’s Richard III in the Bleviss Laboratory Theatre in Edmonton; Art at the Bandeen Hall in Sherbrooke, and The Violet Hour at the Timms Centre Theatre in Edmonton.

Duaa Zahra, Stage Manager/Assistant Director
Duaa is a third year Performance Production major at the Ryerson Theatre School, and is thrilled to be joining the New Ideas Festival. When not found working in the dark abyss of the backstage, Duaa can be found supporting local Toronto theatre, petting every cat and dog she can find, or avidly yelling at the TV over a hockey game. Past works include: Technical Director, The Penelopiad, Ryerson Theatre School (2018); Stage Manager, The Ties That Bind and Gag, Toronto Fringe Festival (2018); Assistant Lighting Designer, Springworks, Ryerson Theatre School (2018).


Cara Adams*,  Lisa
Cara is thrilled to be making her New Ideas Festival debut as Lisa in Body Parts and wishes her cast a fabulous run!  Recent roles include A Boy Like That & A Rhapsody in Gershwin (Harold Green Jewish Theatre), Dazzel Women of Musical Theatre, Christine La Fleur Toronto Street Theater, Celeste in Sunday in the Park with George & Mrs. Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol. Up next for Cara? A guest performance on My Living Room & a return to Harold Green Jewish Theatre for Streisand X 9 where she CANNOT wait to play Barbra! *The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Angela Bell, Trixie
Angela is a Toronto-based actress with training from Second City’s Improv Program, with a varied repertoire of both classical and modern theatre. She is delighted to be part of this year’s New Ideas Festival as Trixie in Body Parts and grateful to be part of a production that challenges our perceptions of gender identity. To quote Elliott Sanders: “We choose power. We choose fluidity. We choose both.” We are not our genders, we are people. And our differences, spectrums, diversities, differences, make the world a more beautiful place to live.

Reese McDonald, Sam
Reese is excited to be discussing real life topics, on an inclusive stage, in front of an open- minded audience. Previously, being a competitive baton twirler for many years and taking dance courses throughout high school, Reese is trying something new and exploring performing in a different form. There is a first time for everything, and Body Parts will be Reese’s acting debut!

Avi Glenn, Jamie
In addition to their Grind™ (that’s kind of a pun ‘cause coffee shops/coffee grinds, grind, get it?) they are also a remarkably talented performer. Avi has a passion for vocals, dance, and acting of both the theatre and filmic variety. You are about to witness such theatrical passion and it is suggested you hold on to your butts as Avi’s talent will blow your proverbial brains out.  

Inex B Incubury, Carla
Inex B Incubury is a transsexual/transgender actress, filmmaker and screenwriter. She has background in Improv acting (Second City), Photography & Film Production (Ryerson), Screenwriting (UofT), as well as Psychology (YorkU). Inex B was born and raised in Tehran, has worked in Tokyo’s party scene, and as a Sex Educator in Toronto. Her narrative works often aim to transgress, transform and transcend sex and gender-based constrictions around pleasure, identity and empowerment. 


​by Sharon Goldner

Directed by Sara Flicht

A woman & her boobs are hanging around talking one day. No, really. Seriously..

Sharon Goldner, Playwright
Sharon Goldner’s writing goal is to make audiences laugh at things they feel guilty for because she thinks humor helps break down barriers, enabling honest discussion. Sharon’s award-winning plays have had performances in American theaters from Off Broadway to California & 16 other states. Among honors, she is a 2016 Kennedy Center Page-to-Stager; a 2014 fellowship recipient with Newfoundland’s SheSaidYes! Theatre; a 2018 Frostburg State University International Playwriting Competition first place winner; a 2018 NYC Broad Horizons Theatre Company finalist; and a member of The Dramatists Guild. Her short stories have been published in the U.S.A, and England, and she is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Sharon assures audiences that no letters of the alphabet have ever been harmed in the creation of her work.

Sara Flicht, Director
Sara Flicht is a Toronto based theatre director, performer & creator. Her artistic focus is to connect people through the enjoyment of performance. As a graduate of Concordia University’s Theatre and Development program, she developed as a director, producer and performer. Sara is delighted to be joining the New Ideas Festival for her directing debut since returning to Toronto! Sara’s love for femme-driven comedy brought her to this wonderful play. Body, femininity, and absurdity; Sharon Goldner’s Bazookas has been a pleasure to bring to life! She is excited to have the ability to share this relatable and hilarious new story through Alumnae Theatre

​Joan Jamieson, Stage Manager/Assistant Director
Joan is a theatre creator in Toronto, with a focus on works for children and youth. She is the founder of Tri-Town Youth Entertainers whom she wrote directed, produced, sewed the costumes and drove the van … as one does in small towns everywhere. She is a graduate of Theatre Ontario’s The Right Direction taught by John P Kelly in Stratford, August 2018. Joan hones her playwriting, stage managing and design skills through Act Two and Alumnae Theatre. Her play Downtown Jay premiered at Toronto Fringe Kidsfest in 2015. Watch for Lexi and The Flying b’s there this summer!


Karen Scobie, Woman
Karen is very excited to be back at the New Ideas Festival this year with her boobs! She was last seen at the Alumnae Theatre in the InspiraTO Festival solo whiteShow, Mountaineer and at the NIF Week 1 show Governing Ourselves. Karen is also the head of social media at Alumnae, you can follow her on IG @scobes16. This year Karen makes her producer/writer debut under the production company Evelyn Eleven Production and for the short film, Good Night, Sleep Tight. Keep up to date with all of her theatre/film news on her website

Annie Luján, Boob 1
Annie Luján is an actor, creator and comedian from good ol’ Toronto. Shortly after graduating from Concordia University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, Annie travelled to Italy to train in Commedia dell’ Arte . She is excited to bring her experience to this silly role, and write that she has played a ‘boob’ on her resume. Most recently, Annie performed in The Lighthouse Troupe’s interactive production of How May I Help You? and completed a 3-city tour where she devised and performed in an adaptation of Yazmina Reza’s God of Carnage with her theatre company Stendhal X.

Erika Rogstad, Boob 2
Erika Rogstad is an actor from Calgary, Alberta. She is a graduate of Randolph College for the Performing Arts and is excited to be taking on this goofy, weird and energetic character. She was last seen in the recent productions of A Little Night Music and Noise at Randolph College. Erika is delighted to be working with an amazing group of women on this kooky, feminist show and hopes that everyone will show their boobs a little bit more love.


 ​by Dave Healey

Directed by Jackson Nair

Two outcasts find friendship when they unite to battle bigotry, right wing politics and declining theatre numbers all the while finding the time to enjoy a nice cuppa tea...

Dave Healey, Playwright
Originally from Halifax, Dave studied drama at Dalhousie University before moving to Toronto. Working as an actor and improvisor, he has appeared in a few TV shows, several plays, a number of commercials, a radio series on CBC and lots of sketch and improv including a stint with Second City. In the last few years he has turned to writing plays. His plays have been performed in the Short, Short Play Festival in Toronto, Unit 102’s Operation 24, Pittsburgh’s New Works Festival, The Newmarket National Ten Minute Play Festival and Buffalo’s The Road Less Traveled Festival. Word on the street is that he is very pleased to be a part of Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival.

Jackson Nair, Director
Jackson is an emerging actor/director and theatre maker. He graduated with a B.A. in Drama from Bishop’s University, where his passion for all things theatre was allowed to grow and thrive. This is his second year involved with the New Ideas Festival, and his directorial debut in the Toronto theatre scene.


​Daniel Austin-Boyd, Stage Manager/Assistant Director
Daniel Austin-Boyd is a stage manager , technician and director hailing from Toronto. Recent stage managing and technical credits include The Story Of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Toronto Centre for the Arts), Mayday (Cecil Sharp House, London, England), Pariah (Bridewell Theatre, London, England) and Sacha Guitry Ma Fille et Moi (Drayton Arms Theatre, London England) 

Katrina Koenig, Wallace
Katrina is so excited to be joining the New Ideas Festival in Outside Looking In. She has previously been seen at Alumnae Theatre in their production of Queen Marie; as Marie Dressler, as well as being the production’s Dance Captain. Katrina wants to thank everyone involved in the New Ideas Festival for this opportunity, and she looks forward to giving an unFURgettable PURRformance.

Tanner Homonko, Stageosaurus
Tanner is a graduate of St. Clair Colleges Musical Theatre Performance program. Selected Credits include: Ensemble in The Producers (Lower Ossington Theatre), Baker/Ensemble in Beauty And The Beast (Wavestage), Aaron Shultz in Legally Blonde (Curtain Call Players), Jay in Downton Jay (Fringe Kids) and Steven in Bring It On:The musical (SouthSide Performing Arts).

Harold Tausch, Guard/Policeman
Harold Tausch returned to acting after a long absence in 2017 with an acting/singing role in the dance theatre piece Men’s Circle. Since then he has appeared in a number of short films, took part in staged screenplay readings as part of the ReelHeART film festival, and did a variety of background performer jobs. Most recently he played Gordon Hunt in Haven Theatre’s production of Plum Crazy, a new Canadian play. When he is not acting, he is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, helping people improve the quality of their movements.

Rajdeep Roy, Tugger
Raj started to first perform as an Actor on stage at the age of 20 while pursuing his Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering at SUNY Buffalo back in 2010. Raj later moved to Toronto and has been working in front of the camera for the past 4 years. He has done over 10 gigs in all forms including Commercial, Short Films and Radio. A few of his films where showcased in various independent film festivals. He is making his stage comeback after 7 years and is excited to entertain the audience.


by Emma Goldman-Sherman

Directed by Temilola (Lola) Gafaar

Jeff and Alyssa are out on a date, or are they? The Last Date challenges our assumptions about how we see women and men.

Emma Goldman-Sherman, Playwright
Emma Goldman-Sherman’s plays include wombshotPerfect Women (Jane Chambers Award) and ZEN & the Art of Mourning a Mother which is a finalist for the Bridge Initiative’s Bechdel Test Festival. Other work produced in the UK, Australia, Croatia, and regionally across the US. Emma is thrilled to be a part of NIF in Toronto at Alumnae.  She earned her MFA from the University of Iowa where she won the Richard Maibaum Award for plays addressing social justice. More on and at where she is the Resident Dramaturg and runs the WriteNow Workshop. Member: Dramatists Guild.

Temilola (Lola) Gafaar, Director
Lola is a Nigerian born, Toronto-based, aspiring writer/ director. She is a graduate from the University of Toronto and is currently working on developing several short and long-form stories. She worked as the AD/SM for Dancing Man of Macklin Street in the 2018 New Ideas Festival. For this year’s festival, she is grateful to the organizers and thrilled for the opportunity to direct The Last Date. Other works include: performances in amateur productions of Hamlet and 3 Generations and Counting (Original Play in the U of T – NSA Terracotta Cultural Show). In her spare time, she enjoys movies, basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Nikolai Afanasev, Stage Manager/Assistant Director
​​Good day! I am Nik Afanasev, a director and actor born in Russia. I am a graduate of the
University of Toronto Mississauga with the degree in Theatre, Drama and Performance studies. I ‘m currently rehearsing a part of Death in Liam Grunté’s William Shakespeare’s Shakespeare, an original play that happens in early April this year. I’m also writing a short play about my experience in Canada and the search for my true-self. I’m very happy to be helping Temilola Gafaar and my fellow cast members with the staging of The Last Date by Emma Goldman-Sherman. Enjoy the show!


Adrian Beattie,  Jeff
Adrian is a graduate of The University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan University’s joint
acting program. Since graduating he has worked in Toronto as an actor, director, and dramaturg. He also regularly performs with his improv troupe Gentleman Frog, most often at the Social Capital Theatre. Recently, Adrian completed his Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama at UofT and is excited to return to the stage with Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival.

Emma Mansell,  Alyssa
Emma Mansell is thrilled to take part in another Alumnae Theatre production, having first
joined for its 100 Year Anniversary Celebration last fall as Ellen in The Actor’s Nightmare. Her previous credits include principle roles in Red Curtain Productions; Not My FaultThe Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould, and The Most Massive Woman Wins. Emma has trained with notable directors Dona D. Vaughn and Patrick Diamond, with works such as Hedda Gabler and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her musical theatre experience includes credits such as Rizzo in Grease, and chorus in Fiddler on the Roof and Seussical the Musical

Natalie Morgan, Kelly
Natalie Morgan is an actor, writer, and enthusiastic collaborator in collective creation. She graduated from the University of Windsor’s B.F.A. – Acting program (2008), and since then, Natalie has worked in theatre, film, television and even wrote for a web series. Recent works include Ladies Sigh No More (Daisy Productions), Welcome Wagon (New Story Productions); and she was a part of The InspiraTo Festival in the productions Two Girls and One Night Fran, where she won Patron’s Pick and Best Female Performance. Natalie is very excited to be doing the New Ideas Festival.

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