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April 12 - 27, 2019 · Alumnae Theatre Company


Behind the Scenes, Rehearsals & Art Gallery Visit

Behind the Scenes Photos - Impressionism - Alumnae Theatre Company

Rehearsal Photos - Impressionism - Alumnae Theatre Company

Art Gallery Visit Photos - Thompson Landry Gallery​ - Impressionism - Alumnae Theatre Company

The Importance of the play's Art Gallery Setting

“The setting is the small art gallery of Katharine Keenan, where Thomas Buckle has been employed for the past two years. They use the gallery as a hiding place, to separate themselves from a world which has shattered them. He, by his time as a world traveling photojournalist, and she, by horribly failed relationships. Thomas brings Katharine coffee each morning, and tells her stories of its particular origin, although these stories are actually reflections of his own experiences. These lead to flashbacks of iconic moments that have led to their present state, as well as their relationship to the art that hangs in the gallery, which Katharine will not easily sell. In the end, we journey through a love story which shows Katharine and Thomas, that just like the Impressionist art on the walls, the more they step away from the canvas of their lives up to now, the more they realize that their future together might hold more depth than the past that has led them to each other.”

“Impressionism is a 2009 play by Michael Jacobs about an international photojournalist and a New York gallery owner whose unexpected brush with intimacy leads them to realize that there is an art to repairing broken lives.”



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