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FireWorks Festival 2016

​November 9 – 27, 2016


November 9 – 27, 2016

Sri Lankan immigrants with political baggage,
a Toronto tattoo artist with a sassy goth-girl apprentice,
an Armenian musician with a smothering mother —
all featured in the 4th annual FireWorks Festival of new full-length plays developed at Alumnae.

THE CREASES IN MY SARI by Sindhuri Nandhakumar Nov. 9 – 13
​Two young Sri Lankan immigrants from warring factions fall in love, but growing political turmoil and their own cultural baggage threaten to drive them apart, even in Toronto. Shadows of the past and secrets abound, and radicalism erupts as the violence in Sri Lanka escalates.

INKED HEART by D.J. Sylvis Nov. 16 – 20
A Toronto tattoo artist aspires to become a successful painter while struggling with the breakup of his marriage and tangling with his mouthy goth-girl apprentice, who has her own story. A plot full of twists and hidden agendas, with surprising insights into the complexities of human nature – and the art of the tattoo.

MOTHERLAND by Kristine Greenaway Nov. 23 – 27
A young Armenian actor-musician strives to make a life for himself as an artist in his economically depressed country and to break free of his smothering mother. A free-spirited young Frenchwoman does battle with his mother for Davit’s future, pitting progress against tradition as the action reaches a climax that is both horrific and inevitable.

Adventurous, challenging theatre  PLUS
​free ​discussion panels Fridays at 7:00 pm
and playwright/director talk-backs following Saturday matinees


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