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FireWorks Festival 2014

November 13 – 29, 2014

FireWorks Festival 2014 offers new full-length plays developed at Alumnae, associated workshops, panel discussions and other events, offering a rare opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes issues and aspects of the productions.

The 2014 Playwrights’ Intensive Workshop will be conducted by renowned playwright and director MAJA ARDAL. See the Playwrights’ Intensive page for more info.

Ticket Prices – $15.00 – Sunday Matinees ‘PWYC’ – Festival Price $25.00
* Note that the ‘Playwrights Speak’ and the ‘Roundtable Sessions’ are free to attend and occur immediately after the matinee performance on the dates noted.

by Catherine Frid

Burying Toni explores the complexities within Emma Jung as she grapples with her history, real and imagined, after 50 years of marriage to psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Emma conjures up her husband, Sigmund Freud, and others as she struggles to understand the truth about her past. Read More…

by Ramona Baillie and Maria Popoff

This madcap roller-coaster ride pays homage to the screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s. A philandering boss, a scheming new employee and a wacky mail room clerk, to name just a few, all with hidden agendas. Can the unassuming Betty survive the intrigue of the corporate world? Read More…


Join our three playwrights, Ramona Baillie, Maria Popoff and Catherine Frid, as they compare notes on what inspired them, how their scripts evolved, the peaks and valleys of development from draft to draft, how they sought out feedback – and how they coped with the advice, criticism, praise and encouragement.


Take part in a spirited and provocative symposium.  Scholars and experts, with experience and expertise in the issues raised by the play, will exchange their thoughts with each other and with you.

Burying Toni

Thursday, November 13, 8pm – Opening Night
Saturday, November 15, 8pm
Sunday, November 16, 2pm
Wednesday, November 19, 8pm
Friday, November 21, 8pm
Saturday, November 22, 2pm
Thursday, November 27, 8pm
Saturday, November 29, 2pm
*Playwrights Speak
Saturday, November 22
*Roundtable Session
Sunday, November 16

You Have To Earn It

Friday, November 14, 8pm – Opening Night
Saturday, November 15, 2pm
Thursday, November 20, 8pm
Saturday, November 22, 8pm
Sunday, November 23, 2pm
Wednesday, November 26, 8pm
Friday, November 28, 8pm
Saturday, November 29, 8pm
*Playwrights Speak
Saturday, November 15
*Roundtable Session
Sunday, November 23

​FireWorks Festival 2014 - Calendar

Wednesday 12

Wednesday 19

Burying Toni 8pm

Wednesday 26

You Have To Earn It 8pm

Thursday 13

Burying Toni 8pm
Opening Night

Thursday 20

You Have To Earn It 8pm

Thursday 27

Burying Toni 8pm

Friday 14

You Have To Earn It 8pm Opening Night

Friday 21

Burying Toni 8pm

Friday 28

You Have To Earn It 8pm

Saturday 15

You Have To Earn It  2pm
*Playwrights Speak
Burying Toni  8pm

Saturday 22

Burying Toni  2pm
*Playwrights Speak
You Have To Earn It  8pm

Saturday 29

Burying Toni  2pm
You Have To Earn It  8pm

Sunday 16

Burying Toni  2pm
*Roundtable Session

Sunday 23

You Have To Earn It 2pm
  *Roundtable Session

​Sunday 30

Burying Toni  2pm
You Have To Earn It  8pm


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