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Alumnae Theatre’s 2019/20​ Season ​

Community Theatre Toronto | Play Listings at Alumnae Theatre

In this season of “Awakenings” we’re staging new plays & Tony and Pulitzer Prize winners.
​Please join us for an entertaining, thought-provoking season! 

The Heidi Chronicles​


​Directed by Ilana Linden                                 
September 20 – October 5, 2019  on the Mainstage

​Witty, funny and touching, this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland from a 1960’s teen to a 1980’s career woman.

In a rapidly changing world, Heidi seeks to achieve political, professional and personal fulfillment. Can Heidi “have it all”?

FireWorks Festival 2019

Produced by Molly Thom and Liz Best
​November 6 – 24, 2019  in the Studio

Thought-provoking and daring, Alumnae’s acclaimed three-week festival premieres original, full-length plays in development. Post-show discussions spark fresh insights into making theatre.

​Now in its seventh year, FireWorks 2019 begins with a rowdy cabaret in the Klondike, Week 2 examines the intrusion of media in private grief, and Week 3 offers a lopsided fairy tale farce for the post #MeToo audience. Not to be missed.  

The Trip to Bountiful

Directed by Brenda Darling                                
January 17 – February 1, 2020  on the Mainstage

Eighty-year-old Carrie Watts is hilarious and crafty, frail and unexpectedly tough. Having spent her twilight years with her son and his abusive wife, she plans her getaway to Bountiful, her increasingly idealized hometown.

​This multi-award winning story has won acclaim on Broadway, in film and as a TV movie. It’ll break your heart and bring you to laughter.

New Ideas Festival 2020

March 11 – 15, 2020 in the Studio Theatre

The New Ideas Festival is Alumnae’s annual juried festival and  features a program of new short plays.

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Alumnae Theatre Company

2019/2020 Season


In tiny increments and sudden leaps, we consciously and unconsciously transform every day – new ideas, new discoveries and realizations often lead to growth. In our 102nd season, we’re exploring these “awakenings” through the canvas of the women’s movement from 1890 to present day.

​We offer new plays-in-progress and tried-and-true Tony and Pulitzer Prize winners.
What births new identities? How do our perceptions evolve?
​Please join us for a very entertaining, thought provoking season. 

Brenda Darling
 Alumnae Theatre Company, Toronto

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