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November 13–24, 2024 (*Studio Theatre)

Bone Cage by Catherine Banks

Director: Cassidy Sadler

Everything in its path it eats. In rural Nova Scotia, 22-year-old Jamie works a tree processor, clear-cutting for pulp. After each shift, he walks the forest carnage, salvaging fallen nests, injured birds, slivers of life. His half-sister mows the sod fields, confessing sins and dreams to a dead tree. His father claws at soil and science, attempting to resurrect a dead child. Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, Bone Cage offers gripping lyricism, dark humour and visceral drama in this portrait of self-destruction. It is a raw and poetic examination of the lives of those who strip the environment and their souls.

*Bone Cage is held in Alumnae Theatre’s third-floor walk-up studio, which is not currently wheelchair accessible.


Alumnae Theatre’s Berkeley Street entrance and the Mainstage Theatre are wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor.


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