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May 11 & 16 + June 12 2024

Big Ideas Festival 2024

Join Alumnae playwrights to hear their new plays read and offer feedback in a lively discussion with them, their dramaturges, directors, and actors.

*The Festival is held in Alumnae Theatre’s third-floor walk-up studio, which is not currently wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are free but are required for access to the performances.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

12 pm/Pave Paradise

Playwright: Annie Massey
Dramaturge: Carolyn Zapf     
Director: Pat McCarthy

When the City announces plans to build supportive housing on the neighborhood parking lot, local homeowners lose their minds. Yet the very people the NIMBYs fear are already among them, and their lives are woven together in new and surprising ways. The scent of money attracts dark interests to the ‘hood while the parking lot enjoys a meteoric rise in status. And what happens to Nimrod, the littlest Chihuahua?

2 pm/Put to the Test

Playwright: Mary Barnes Amoroso
Dramaturge: Carolyn Zapf     
Director: Anne Harper

Claire has snagged her first teaching job in a school she knows; she has her own apartment, and a mother who would do anything for her. What’s not to like? Well … lots.

4 pm/Ties that Bind

Playwright: Marina Engelking
Dramaturge and Director: Ilana Linden

On her 50th birthday, Ruth announces her plans to escape a life she never wanted, throwing her family’s world into chaos. Will the ties that bind this family save or destroy them?

Thursday, May 16, 2024

8 pm/There Were No Birds to Fly

Playwright: Elaine Freedman
Dramaturge and Director: Molly Thom

In the drastically changed climate in a not-distant-enough future, Wanda and her daughter, Alice, have been living a peaceful existence in the Yukon. Today, Carla comes back into their lives, claiming to be looking for the Subtropical Pink Swallow; but that is only one objective of her visit.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

7 pm/The Revenge of the Groupies

Playwright: Kristine Greenaway
Dramaturge: Annie Rosenberg
Director: Barbara Larose

A comic tale about coming of age … in your fifties. When rock star Jumpin’ Jack Turner announces a homecoming concert, his former groupies hatch a plan to relive their glory days in the spotlight with him, but Turner insults them as aging hippy grannies and sets off a social media storm, provoking the revenge of the groupies.


Alumnae Theatre’s Berkeley Street entrance and the Mainstage Theatre are wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor.


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